Watchdog Group To Investigate Union Work On Taxpayer Dime

6:12 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We're keeping a close eye on how your tax dollars are being spent. Together-- we all paid $90,000 for a nursing position at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Asheville. But the nurse, isn't  taking care of veterans. Instead, records show she's focusing on union duties --- full time - and it's legal.

2 Wants To Know found out, she's not alone. We first told you about this practice called "official time" a few weeks ago. We're staying on top of this because official time costs you more than $16 million.

Union leaders say it's good because it helps workers resolve complaints with management. But Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn disagrees. He's asking why it's legal. Now he's wants two federal watchdog groups to investigate.

"We've got hundreds in VA offices that don't do anything to help take care of the backlog  What they are doing is taking care of the employees that work at the VA. Everybody that works at the VA ought to be working for veterans," he said.

The watchdog group reviews should be done in three to five months.

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