Some Of The Highest Calorie Meals At Fast Food Places

6:48 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Which fast food restaurants have the highest-calorie menu items?

From a list created by Marketwatch, we checked the top three chains with restaurants in our area.

At number 3, Dave's Hot and Juicy Triple with Cheese at Wendy's. That burger alone has 1120 calories.

Second worst....the highest calorie item at McDonald's and no it's not a burger. It's the big breakfast with syrup and margarine. That has 1350 calories.

And the number one offender in our area was from Burger King! Their highest rated calorie item is also for breakfast. Their Ultimate Breakfast Platter is a whopping 1450 calories.

Some people say the calorie counts don't work. So a recent study from Texas Christian University found if menus showed how much exercise it'd take to burn off the items, people would make healthier choices.

So let's look at those same items again - how much exercise time it'd take to burn those calories off - according to

That Wendy's Hot and Juicy that was 1,120 calories. It would take a 200 pound person 144 minutes...or burn that off with a brisk walk.

The McDonald's Big Breakfast - it'd take that same person 174 minutes...or burn that meal off.

And the Burger King Ultimate Breakfast Platter - it'd take 186 minutes...or 3:06...of brisk walking to burn the 1,400 calories of that meal.

So take that into consideration when choosing your next meal.

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