Your Kitchen Design Can Make You Fat

5:55 PM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- So here's a question for you - could the way your kitchen is designed be making you fat? We found a few studies that say "Yes." But how?

First - if you have stools get rid of them! You burn more calories standing than sitting, both while preparing food and eating! Eventually you'll move to more comfortable spaces away from food so you'd be less tempted to eat.

Next - think about your kitchen's triangle. We're talking the distance between the sink, the prep area and your appliances. How big is that? It should be pretty big. Researcher Brian Wansink says the smaller the triangle, the more we're eating when we're supposed to prepping. So spread out and give yourself some space to make sure you're not snacking too much.

Now think about your kitchen's lighting. Do you keep it dark? Or extra bright? If you want to watch your weight, go bright! Studies show bright lights discourage eating. If you have dimmers, they're great for setting the mood so you can use them for making dinner, but then flood the kitchen with light to keep yourself from eating too much.

And this one's probably obvious. TV. Ipads. They're now a fixture in our kitchens. But to watch your weight, get rid of them! If you have those distractions on while you're eating, you lose focus. And the less you focus on your food., the more of it you're likely to eat!

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