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How To Teach Your Kids NOT To Procrastinate

5:47 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- You've heard it (or maybe you said it), "Mom my science project is due tomorrow!"

Procrastination is often part of life. Being a good time manager isn't innate. So, how do you learn it? How do you teach it?

Shannon Koontz of Piedmont Parent Magazine says it's different at every age.

Ages 2-5: Be patient and avoid power struggles - and keep their "tasks" simple. Have them make the bed. But don't expect them to bounce a quarter off the bed, ask them to simply smooth the covers and put the pillows in the right place.

Ages 6-11: Think time management: Break major projects into manageable chunks with their own individual deadlines. And then reward them when they complete time management skills.

Ages 12-18: Avoid helicopter parenting or doing things for the teen - they can't build time management skills that way. Instead have weekly mini-meetings to discuss what needs to get done.



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