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As Seen On TV: Does The Flex Seal Coating Work?

5:18 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- 2WTK viewers chose Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Coating to go through the 2Test this week.

The commercial claims it's the easy way to coat, seal and protect almost anything. In fact, the company has testimonials from boat racers who say they use it to plug holes in their boats!

2WTK took the product to the Lake Brandt marina. Neil Thomspon, the Outdoor Recreation Specialist is the one keeping them afloat. 

 "We're constantly in need of holes being filled." Could Flex Seal be his answer?

"If this product really works, it would be amazing."

Neil is going to test it on 2 items: a kayak with a small crack underneath the seat and this toy jet ski we filled with holes.

Neil read the instructions. Basically, you shake it for a minute and spray it. 

The toy jet ski is first. We drilled a few pencil sized holes into the bottom. The directions say to "apply several even coats, instead of one thick coat."

And then we hit a stopping point. "It does not have a dry time on it."

There is no recommended dry time on the can. So wait until it's dry to the touch and put the toy in the water.

"The Flex Seal seems to be holding." But then 10 minutes later it sinks. When we pulled it out the water came through the holes.

"I suspect we need a longer dry time."

There's no dry time on the can. But if you look online it says 2 to 3 hours and possibly up to 24 hours.

The kayak crack, sprayed and dried after 10 minutes, appears to be fixed with this bucket test.  But we wait 24 hours before we put it into the water.

"This is putting pressure on the crack," Neil says as he gets in the kayak and attempts to go from landing to water.

The kayak is fine for the first few minutes and then, "it's leaking."

"If we sat in this boat for a while we would probably have an inch of water. I'm sure the crack opened up when I put pressure on it. On a product with movement, I don't know that this is the answer."

2WTK contacted the company and they had a customer service representative call and ask questions about how we used the product. The customer service representative said they were sending the information to the corporate office. Because it is a holiday week, we understand it may take a few extra days to get a response. We will bring their response to you.


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