Right to Repair Act Puts Responsibility on Dealers To Fix Recalls

3:41 PM, Jul 4, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- This holiday weekend isn't just known for parades and cook-outs. New and used car sales typically take off around the Fourth of July.

However, when it come so used cars, there's more to know about the car, than you may be told. And as your consumer advocate, 2 Wants to Know is staying on top of a discovery we made about used cars being sold without recalled items being repaired. 

2 Wants To Know checked 12 Triad dealers and found eight were selling vehicles with possibly un-fixed recalls -- like faulty wiring or airbags that could malfunction. Then some dealers said it's their not their problem to take care of those recalls. They say it's your responsibility! Now there's information about a new push to put more responsibility back on those dealers.

It's called the Right to Repair Act.

It allows mechanics to fix recalls from any brand out there. That means CarMax workers would be able to repair Dodges, Fords or any other models. Right now a spokesperson for CarMax and another at Foreign Cars Italia say they can't do that. That's why they say they were selling cars with unfixed recalls.

The CarMax spokesperson says in email they support this legislation because it "levels the playing field" and gives them access to the same parts and information as dealers.

Right now an advocacy group is shopping the reform around from state to state. Two are in the process of passing it. But in North Carolina, lawmakers are barely touching it. However, the advocacy group hopes an online petition will capture the interest of national lawmakers and take it out of the state's hands.

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