Gift Giving: Inexpensive vs. Cheap & What Is Appropriate

3:36 PM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Nerves and anxiety are common when you start dating and if the relationship continues there will be a time for giving a gift. 

This is where 2 Wants to Know gets you answers to ease your fears and lessen the anxiety. Whether it's a "just because" gift or for a special occasion, there are rules to gift giving. For instance, what's the difference between a cheap and an inexpensive gift? What gifts are appropriate when you've just started dating?

Sindy Martin from Smartin-Up is helping us navigate this.

"The key is to make sure the gift, whether it's to your mom or co-worker, is personal. You only seem cheap if it doesn't have a personal connection."

Sindy's solution: homemade gifts with a personal twist. Don't make everyone chocolate chip cookies in a jar. Instead make them their favorite dessert and on the tag remind them of how you know it's their favorite. 

Sindy showed Hershey bars with homemade wrappers. The idea is to make the wrappers personal. Put a picture of the two of you on it, sayings that make you both laugh, locations and dates of vacations or trips taken together. Again, inexpensive, but not cheap because of the personal touch.

Next on the gift giving list: when to give a gift and what when you've just started dating.

Here are Sindy's four guidelines

1.         Yes, it is always ok to give gifts, just appropriate ones.

2.         Don't overdo it. Keep it simple and lighthearted.

3.         Customize it.

4.         Make sure the gift makes them think of you.

The last thing you want is to have your gift say something else about the relationship than you intended. (watch the video attached for some comic relief with our role playing)

Dating one week

Appropriate for her:  a single flower or very small bouquet of mixed flowers

Inappropriate for her:  two dozen roses sent from a florist

Appropriate for him:  a fun greeting card

Inappropriate for him:  a serious/intimate greeting card

Dating one month

Appropriate:  tickets to a movie you know they really want to see

Inappropriate:  tickets to a very expensive music concert

Dating three months

Appropriate:  piece of inexpensive jewelry or an inexpensive item you know they like

Inappropriate: a rolex watch


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