Amazon Prime: Does This $80 Deal Work For You?

5:39 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It's estimated 90% of people will buy at least one gift on-line. But chances are you're buying multiple gifts and some people do all their shopping on-line.

Amazon offers something called Amazon Prime which is $80 a year. It includes three basic elements: multiple shipping benefits, including free two-day shipping for eligible purchases, free access to amazon instant video and the ability to borrow books from the kindle owners' lending library.

The Simple Dollar  tackles each one of those elements to see if it's worth it. First, the shipping: you can use Amazon Prime to buy individual items for less than $25 dollars for shipping. Their advice, compare items on-line with those in store. With shipping as a non-factor which one saves you the most money?

Second: the video streaming service is about $7 per month.  If you subscribe to Netflix you're paying $9 for much of the same content.

And Third: the free on-line Kindle lending library. Simple Dollar says it does give you more access to books that are free, but the value isn't worth calculating.

The verdict? If you buy a lot of stuff on-line already, or want to so you don't have to run around. Or if you have Netflix streaming and you do buy a few things on-line a year, this could save you some cash.


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