Is There Any Truth To The Internet Rumors About Coke?

5:43 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- How many times have you seen something like this on the internet: demonstrations and experiments claiming Coca-Cola is bad for your teeth, and the lining of your stomach. The videos show things rotting, corroding, and even exploding! But is there any truth to those claims?

We turned to Smith High School chemistry teacher Aabeyo Abraha to ask about the claim of Coke burning the lining of your stomach.

Abraha said your stomach already has acid in it. When you add Coke to the lining of the stomach, you're adding more acids because Coke contains phosphoric acid. "If you have too much acidic, that could be acid reflux and also that could eat away your stomach lining."

Abraha also said most people would be fine, unless they already have an acid problem, which could negatively affect the stomach lining. He suggested people check with their doctors first to be sure.

So your Coke is safe. It may not be the best to drink everyday, or the best for your teeth, but you won't be doing damage overnight, and your stomach lining should be fine.

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