2 Test: Wipe New Promises 'Showroom New' Car Shine

5:47 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- Not everyone likes spending hours cleaning their car, but we all want it to look like you just drove it out of the dealership's showroom.

And they say the mother of invention is convenience, especially in a country that prides itself on capitalism and capitalizing. That brings us to a product that promises, if you apply "Wipe New" once...your car will look showroom new.

Wipe New's TV ad says nothing about how bad your car can be, 2 Wants To Know decided to test this product. Where else should you start than at a place where everything's smashed, crashed and bashed - Triad Auto Parts - a salvage yard.

"We're always looking to rehabilitate all the parts that we can," Lynn Sparks said.

After reading and reading the lengthy directions, Lynn starts work on a 1999 truck's headlight. Before the Wipe New actually goes on, she has to follow five other prep steps. But Lynn says it was worth the work.

"It is much brighter and clearer," Lynn said.

So is it showroom new?

Just so happens - this truck other headlight was recently replaced. On the right is a nearly new one. On the left - Wipe New.

"It does make it better. I can't say it restores it to new because obviously in this case we have a new headlight right beside of it," Lynn said.

Shining the trim of a 2001 PT Cruiser is about the same process , but with an extra step. The directions tell you to add a degreaser spray first - which is not included when you buy Wipe New for $19.99. The extra cost adds on another $7.

Apply the Wipe New.

"This definitely takes a 12 year old bumper and makes it look really nice," Lynn said.

Moving inside - the package says Wipe New cleans seats and dashboards - but slam on the brakes. Despite detailed directions for headlights and trim - there's none for seats or dashboards.

"Now that could be a little bit confusing," Lynn said.

We try anyway - using the same technique used on other spots. The leather shines

"If you're in the process of trying to get your car ready to sell, that defiantly would add value to it," Lynn said.

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