Kids Want To Know: How Do Plants Grow

5:17 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- Summer Whicker from Kernersville asked the question, "How do plants grow?"

Martha Regester, curator of Community Programs at the Greensboro Science Center, says, "Summertime is a great time to look at how plants grow. You can see all different stages around you. And the basics are always the same."

For growth - you need dirt with minerals in it, you need sunlight and you need water. So roots are gonna hang on to the dirt and draw nutrients up.

It's the green leaves that are going to be capturing sunlight, using chlorophyll and they are converting that solar energy into sugars and carbohydrates and proteins that help the plant grow. And they then produce a flower, and the flower produces fruits and seeds to start the cycle over again.

Photosynthesis is a chemical process. It's something that plants do, we cannot as people, but plants can make their own food. they have cells that have chlorophyll. The chlorophyll, when it's hit by sunlight, can convert things like carbon dioxide and water into sugars.

Depending on the kind of plants you have in your own garden, you may have annuals. They have a life span all in one season - they grow, they produce seeds, they die, and then they wait for the next generation.

You also have perennials. Your trees, woody plants and some plants grow, produce and also live on through the next years. So you'll see different things growing everywhere. 

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