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2 Wants to Know Talks Trees and Prevention With The Experts

5:33 PM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Tree issues can cost a lot of time and money. You may have to take a chainsaw and remove the tree yourself  or you might have to hire a crew to come out and do it for you. And let's hope you don't have to have a tree damage your house.

It can be more than any of us want to think about but is it something you may be able to prevent?

Here's what tree expert Bill Lyon with Bill's Tree Service says:.

Are certain trees more at risk than others? "I've seen dogwoods get struck by lightening. Of course poplars. The taller trees are more likely than the smaller ones, but you really can't tell."

Is there anything we can do to keep lighting from striking trees? "You put in you put in copper cables in the trees. The lightning actually when it strikes it actually cancels itself out because you have these positive charges going up into the lightning system that meets the lightning coming down and it cancels itself out." Do you do it very often? "We might do one or two systems a year." What kind of price tag are we talking about? "$1200 to $1500 per tree."

How can we figure out if our tree is dead or has been damaged after a possible lightening strike? "I always recommend to wait, not do anything with it for maybe 4 to six week. and that way you can tell if the lightening killed the tree or not. You'll see limbs dying probably within that time frame."

Bill also said if you have concerns, be sure to get a certified arborist to inspect your trees.





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