Weird Science With Soap!

3:47 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We're taking soap out of the shower and putting it into the microwave.

Actually, we're not. But Smith High Chemistry teacher Aabeyo Abraha is. He's putting "Charles Law" into practice. (And you thought you'd never use chemistry again!)

Abraha unwrapped a new bar of Ivory soap and cut it into small pieces. He put the pieces on a puts a paper towel and heats it for about 2 minutes.

He said, "What happens is we're adding heat from the microwave to the soap. Inside we have gas molecules, so when you add temperature, heat, from microwave, it actually increases and so when the temperature increases, the volume gets bigger and bigger so it expands. The air molecules inside the soap are the ones expanding and they make it bigger. "

Abraha says it shows two things for chemistry. One: it is physical change because we did not create a new substance. Two: gas laws. Charles' Law says when we increase the temperature and the volume increases is directly proportional.

This is one of Abraha's experiments you can actually try at home!

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