Chemistry Teacher Burns Money, Or Did He?

6:32 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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  • Greensboro, NC -- Have ever been told that your money is burning your pocket, because you want to spend, spend, spend? Well, a Chemistry in Guilford County says, he can prove money doesn't burn.

    You can call it science or magic? Either way, you're going to say he did what? That's because to demonstrate he had to burn money!

    Smith High School chemistry teacher Aabeyo Abraha is reminding us why we should have paid better attention in school.
    Today's experiment: burning money.

    Before you get upset about money being wasted, watch and see what happens.

    Abraha combined alcohol, which contains ethanol, and water. The he put a $10 bill in the solution.  He made sure it was completely soaked and the turned out the light. He lit a lighter, and put the flame to the bottom of the bill.

    The alcohol burned off, but the bill stayed in tact, without even being singed. In fact, the money was still wet! So what happened? Abraha said, "Ethanol, it has almost 78 degrees celsius, boils at 78, water boils at 100, so its actually, the water is acting as a insulator that helps not to burn the dollar. [...] the water vaporizes and the CO2 is also coming out, the light."

    Abraha said it may have seemed like a magic trick, but it's basic chemistry.

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