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Keep Your Child's Brain Engaged This Summer!

4:17 PM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- School's out, but that doesn't mean your child should stop learning! Eleanor-Scott Davis, Assistant Editor of Piedmont Parent Magazine joined Faith Abubey to talk about ways parents can keep their kids engaged over the summer.

Davis said helping kids remember what they've learned before can be crucial. Studies say kids can lose 22 percent of knowledge and skills they gained during the previous year! And that means teachers spend the first two months of the school year reviewing and re-teaching things kids should already know.

Davis said parents should use the summer as a time to help children apply what they learn during the school year. Let's say if you're out at a restaurant, let the child help you calculate the tip to work on their math skills.

She also suggested weekly trips to the library as an inexpensive way to keep their minds churning. Parents should let the child check out as many books, and whatever type of books, as they like, because its probably the only time they'll get to read the books they like.

Piedmont Parent will has even more tips for summertime learning in their July issue. Your can also connect with them on Twitter. Find them @piedmontparent


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