Restaurant Report Card Lesson Reveals Disposable Utensils Risks

7:33 PM, Jun 20, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- One thing restaurant workers seem to have a problem with is something that seems like common sense.

If you were getting ready to feed a bunch of people in your home, the simplest option would seem to be disposable plates, cups, and forks. But GTCC chef and culinary instructor Keith Gardiner said you might be surprised to learn how easily restaurants' pre-packaged disposable cutlery -- can lead to violations.

"Alot of times these things are near food production and they could get splashed and could get contaminated or could get dust on them throughout the day. So you want to keep them covered, so that when the customer gets them, they are still in their original form and they don't have any contamination," said Gardiner.

Restaurants can lose one-point on their inspection report for not following this rule.

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