A/C Freon Is So Expensive Some Folks Thought It Was A Scheme

6:15 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  It doesn't matter what the thermometer says, a lot of you are hot about a certain repair you're having to make.

Several of you called and asked 2WTK if there was an air conditioning scheme going around.

Home expert Tom Garcia says it's simple supply and demand.

"Well heres the thing in 2010 the EPA said the old type freon R-22 can no longer be produced and that is why our viewers are seeing the cost go up and up because as these old units that are five years or older they use that older type freon. "

Tom goes on to explain that when your A/C  fail and the repair crew has to come back in and change the freon the cost goes up because that freon is not in easy supply. Unfortunately, freon leaks are predominant failure.

Here's the sticker shock. "With units like these, you have to charge them up they take about five or six pounds of freon. Freon running about $60 to $90 a pound so it is not unusual to see a freon bill from $300-$400 more when you got to recharge them.

It's believed by 2015 the freon supply will be so low we won't be able to keep our units limping along.

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