Storm Damage? Your Insurance And Clean Up Questions Answered

6:33 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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After a storm, most property owners have questions about who is going clean up the tree that fell in your yard, and who will pay for it. 

2 Wants To Know found the answers to your storm clean up questions.

Is the food in my fridge covered during a power outage?

It depends. If it's just a general power outage in your neighborhood, you won't get a dime to restock your fridge and freezer. If a tree knocks down a power line to your house and your policy covers food spoilage, then yes - you would get money for replace the food. Take pictures to show your insurance company the contents of your refrigerator and how you had to pour out your ice cream.

Does my homeowners insurance cover all types of storm damage?

It depends on your policy. Most homeowners insurance policies cover storms including hail, tornado and wind damage. But floods and earthquakes usually require additional coverage. It is always smart to check your policy to see exactly what is covered.

Who pays for living expenses when my home is being repaired after a storm?

Your insurance company will pay for loss of use, in the case that your home is uninhabitable after it has been damaged by a storm, up to applicable limits. The living arrangments must be comparable - don't expect to be put at the Proximity or the Grandover for a month

Will my insurance cover the cost of tree removal after a severe storm?

Most policies cover the cost of tree removal after a storm, however, you should check your policy. Some insurance companies require a separate tree removal policy. Some policies now are not covering repairs to property like fences so call your agent. And if a tree just falls in your yard, 99% of policies don't cover the clean-up. But you can buy an extra endorsement for just $50 a year. Some of us - that could be well worth it.

Will my homeowners insurance cover damage to cars on my property?

No. Damage to your car is not covered by your homeowners policy, even if a tree on your property falls and damages your car. Damage to your car is covered by your comprehensive auto insurance policy.

If i file a storm damage claim, will my premiums go up?

The answer is - it depends. If this is an isolated incident, probably not. But if you've filed a number of claims, you could be shifted into a higher risk tier and end up paying more for your insurance.

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