Prevent Pickpocketing At Summer Festivals - Hints To Stay Safe

5:08 PM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Very little gets people on their feet faster than a line dance like the Cupid Shuffle.

"Now kick. Now kick. Now kick," the band sings at the Beach Music Festival.

But 2 Wants To Know's camera found folks who might want to kick themselves if a thief had been around during this song. We captured six purses, free for the taking.

"You know I can just casually get it and make my way out of here," Greensboro police officer Douglas Campbell said.

And if you think placing your purse under your chair is a deterrent:

"I could probably reach up there with my foot, slide it back and go through it a little bit," Campbell said.

For men, a prime pick-pocketing spot is the dance floor. Officer Campbell says a woman stole six wallets in one night at a Greensboro club.

"They are in your body space they are making contact with you and they use that as a shield for what they're actually doing," he said.

The safest place for your stuff--- is actually in the middle of the crowd away from exits because it's harder for a thief to getaway.

Beach Music hasn't had a problem with any thefts. But organizers were nice enough to allow us to do this story at their festival to show you how to protect yourself.

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