2 Wants To Know Shares Flyers' Secrets About Lost Luggage

6:25 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- In the last month, on average three out of every 1000 passengers had a mishandled bag - meaning it was lost, damaged, delayed or stolen. Here are a few flyers' secrets to help:

Make yourself known as the bag owner: Just one little paper tag is not enough. ID your bag in multiple places-even inside. And make sure you use your mobile number for contact.

Share your plans: Put information in your suitcase that could help workers route your suitcase to you - like a note card with with your flight destination.

Remove the extras: Take things like the straps off to keep your bag from getting mangled or snagged.

Embellish your bag: Put colorful tape on the handles.

One other tip in case your bag does not make it's final destination: Take a picture or video of the stuff in your bag. Do it with the airline counter in the background to prove those shoes were really in the suitcase for this trip.


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