Lost Luggage? Know What The Airline Has To Pay

5:11 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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airline luggage

Greensboro, NC -- It's the nightmare you hear people talk about and you hope it never happens to you, lost luggage!

But if it does, you need to know what you're owed, not just what you think or what you've heard.

The airline has to pay you for everything in your bag. False! The airline is on the hook for the actual value of your bag and its contents.  That's up to $3,300 per passenger, not per bag. And don't miss this, on domestic flights the airline can refuse to reimburse you for items like electronics and jewelry. You're going to want to pack valuables in your carry-on and have it with you at all times. 

The airline has 24 hours to compensate you if they lose your bag.  False. In some cases, the airline has to pay you on the spot if they lose your luggage. If you get to your destination and your bag does not the airline has to pay you on the spot for items you need immediately like your suit or dress and shoes if you're going to an event that day.

The airline may want to fight you on this. But, this isn't up for discussion. The Department of Transportation's code of federal regulations,Title 14, Part 254 spells it out.

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