Roadtrip! Read The Body Language Of Your Adult Passengers

5:25 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When you're traveling with adults being conscious of yourself and your own body placement while riding is huge. This ensures everyone is in his or her own space so the ride is smoother. It also helps knowing what messages the other passengers are sending with their body language.

Body Language expert Blanca Cobb shows us how to do that.

"So for example, in the back seat what we have here, we have someone who's taking up space, her elbows are coming out a little bit as she's typing on her iphone and she's getting people's space. What is happening what you can do, is send silent messages."

Blanca goes on to show how you can turn your back over to the door, and make your chest a little concave to give some space, and that should be a cue to that person that they are in your space and need to bring their elbows back in.

"Cami over here, what she could do, is she could turn her back a little bit towards Lechelle facing out the window to give her body some space over at the side that would be another cue to Lechelle that she needs to be careful with her elbows to be respectful So everyone has space."

The biggest cue when you're with someone is you're going to read it on their face. Our face tells us so much.

"So you can see, you can look at Cami's face, it's a little bored, a little aggravated, a little eye rolling, you can see her mouth to the side, thats a cue to Lechelle that shes not quite happy, even if she were to say  everything's fine. Pay attention to facial cues. They come across in a multitude of ways."

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