Possible Spanish Scheme Targets Zeek Rewards Victims

2:37 PM, Jun 5, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington, NC - Almost a year after the SEC shut down the Lexington-based Zeek Rewards, calling it a ponzi scheme, the North Carolina Attorney General's office is warning of a similar scheme popping up. An e-mail going out to people who invested with Zeek reads: "For you who knew Zeek Rewards, the dream (and profits daily) are back."

The e-mail even says the right arm man of the Zeek Rewards owner is involved with the new company called AdsProfit Rewards.

The e-mail says that new company's in Spain -  "far from any US laws." If that's not enough of a red flag, 2 Wants To Know tried to contact the sender, but his e-mail address bounced back. And a spokesperson with the AG's office says:

"We would encourage consumers to be highly skeptical of this email. It certainly appears that it is targeting Zeek participants, which is very common when a scheme gets shut down."

This isn't the first possible scheme to target Zeek victims. You might remember last month 2 Wants To Know discovered a site promising to help get Zeek money back if you gave them your personal information and a small fee. We took that to the official court appointed Zeek Receiver who had concerns it was a scam, and then Google shut down the site because of our story.

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