Two Wants to Know When and Why It Pays To Use A Travel Agent

5:30 PM, Jun 4, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Whether it's a flight, a cruise, or a stay at a resort, when do you need a travel agent? And when can you make plans alone? Dawn Gray with 4 Moons Travel helped us sort through the when and the why.

First, there's the misconception that a travel agent always costs more. Dawn said, "We get our commission from tour operators, hotels, cruise lines or some agents might charge a small fee upfront."

So, does that mean you only steer people to the places who pay you the most and limit our choices? Dawn said agents want customers for life, so it's in their best interest to match people with a cruise or vacation property that best suits those people's needs.

Dawn said, "Plus you we can actually get prices below what you find online. And sometimes we can make our own deals. We know the hotel managers. We track pricing, and if your room or package price goes down, we get that savings for you."

Nobody likes to think it's going to happen, but things can go wrong when on vacation. Troubleshooting is something agents can help with. Whether it's something small. Dawn said, "If there's a problem with your room, we can get it straightened out. We've got more clout."

If something bigger disrupts your vacation, like a hurricane in Mexico, agents can help then too. Gray had that happen to two of her clients recently. "All the guests were in a school basement. Each person was allowed to make one phone call. Everyone else called their parents or Expedia. My folks called me. I called their parents and kept them up-to-date. And the tour operators. Once the hurricane passed, I had them new hotels booked and flights out. Everyone else was stuck."

The best ways to find a a good travel agent include referrals from friends and checking with the Better Business Bureau. 

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