Survive Your Family's Summer Road Trip!

4:24 PM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- If you're traveling with family, especially kids, this summer, you already know that fights will happen.

We crammed the 2 Wants to Know team into a car and asked body language expert Blanca Cobb of Truthblazer to show us how to survive a family road trip.

She said the key is drawing a line in the sand and setting boundaries for the kids at the start of the trip. She suggests making it a game by telling the kids they each have to stay in their own imaginary box-area. Then say the child who stays in their designated area the whole trip gets a prize. Cobb also suggested making sure the "prizes" you offer your kids are age appropriate. A 15-year-old may want control of the radio rather than candy. Decide what's best for each child. Either way, the key is making it fun, and worth it, for kids to behave.

Stay tuned to 2 Wants to Know later this week, Cobb will have tips on how to communicate effectively when you're at the airport, including how to speak with employees and how to show your fellow passengers you don't want to talk without saying a word! She even offers suggestions on how to avoid the armrest battle! You want to miss these tips to improve your summer travel.

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