Customer: "I Feared For My Safety After Shopping Online"

8:03 PM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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Undated -- We've all heard the expression that "the customer is always right" which does include online shoppers, correct?

So, what happens when you buy something online and you realize it's not what your ordered? You call the company discuss it and make arrangements to send it back...right? Well one "so-called business man" disagreed and actually threatened victims who dared to complain!

His ads promised luxury eyewear at a fraction of the cost. But US Postal Inspectors say customers actually got counterfeits, knock-offs, and used glasses.

What's even more disturbing- if customers complained, Vitally Borker, the owner of "Décor my Eyes", threatened them!

Clarabelle Rodriguez was one of his victims. She said, "He became very upset with me when I said I would not pay the re-stocking fee and I would take it up with my credit card company."

Rodriguez eventually found a website where many of Borker's dissatisfied customers voiced their complaints. She said that when he saw she had complained online, he contacted her.
She said he said, "He was watching me if I continued to complain online about 'Décor my Eyes', I was going to show up on the news. He told me he lived one bridge over from me and he would come to my home and he would rape me."

Rodriguez called the police, the US Attorney and Postal Inspectors to report Borker's harassment because she feared for her life. After a lengthy investigation, postal inspectors arrested Borker on several fraud charges.

The takeaway from this story --do your research before buying online. Postal Inspector Douglas Veatch, said "If anyone in this case would have done a Google search on 'Décor my Eyes', they would have found a myriad of complaints."

A judge sentenced Vitally Borker to four years in prison and ordered him to pay more than $100,000.

WFMY News 2/ US Postal Inspectors

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