It's Not Just Termites You Need To Be Aware Of

5:17 PM, May 31, 2013   |    comments
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 Greensboro, NC -- It used to be all you heard about was protecting your home from termites.

They may get the spotlight, but they are just one of the five wood insects you need to be aware of.

Termites. These winged insects are attracted to wood and moisture. Got leaks in or outside your house like near a leaky downspout? The termites are drawn to it. 

Scott Dampier of HouseMaster said even if your house had a termite treatment which lasts for quite a while you need a booster after 10 years.

Powder Post Beetles. You don't need to know what they look like as much as what they do. They literally chew the inside wood into a powder. They like to live under a crawl space.

Carpenter Bees.They chew holes in wood about the size of a dime. We found one of those holes in a deck. We knew it was fresh by the sawdust mess left all over the place right underneath the hole. Unfortunately there's nothing to do to keep them away

Carpenter Ants. You know they are around because you'll see the little sawdust shavings in little piles here and there.




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