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2 Test: McDonald's 60 Second Drive-Through

5:34 PM, May 31, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- One minute. It's such a short time, it's hard to think of things you can do it. Maybe take out the trash? Water a plant? What about go through a drive-through. That's the new claim made by McDonald's restaurants around the triad.

During peak lunch hours Monday through Friday they guarantee to get you your order in 60 seconds or less after you pay. Manager Jamie Love says his customers seem to enjoy the new gaurentee.

"I know they only have 30 minutes most of them on their break. So for them to come here, they know they're going to get their food fast," Love said.

But how fast is it really?  I started the time as soon as the 2 Wants To Know van pulled  up -- by one minute I hadn't even been able to order. That's about when you see the sign -- the 60 seconds doesn't start until you've paid at the first window where an employee hands you a small sandtimer to count down.

Yes it took less than 10 seconds after we paid to get the food - but the whole ordering process clocked in at around 5 minutes. We asked McDonald's why they decided to start the count down at the payment window.

"That's the easiest thing to do when we actually have the customer giving somebody the time timer. So that's the first interaction we have at that first window," Love said.

Where you might draw a line in the sand with the 60 second guarantee is the timer itself. Our test showed one timer took a minute 15 seconds to empty - despite clearly calling it - "a one-minute sand timer." Out of disbelief 2 Wants To Know enlisted the manager to test more timers with us. One's done at 53 seconds, But the other two keep going past the minute mark -- 1:05 and 1:14.

A corporate spokes person sent over this statement:

"The focus of the 60 second service guarantee program is to have fun. And the timers are certainly energizing our crews to make sure we fill all orders in 60 seconds or less."

After our two test, McDonald's is reviewing the timers. Those not accurate get the boot. Time runs out on this promotion July 31st.


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