Watch Where You Plant These Trouble Trees In Your Yard

5:30 PM, May 30, 2013   |    comments
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Some trees may be more trouble than they're worth if you don't know where to plant them in your yard. Justin Snyder, Horticulture Department Head at Alamance Community College, helps us compile a list.

Silver Maple and Willow: Both have root systems that terrorize sewer lines and irrigation lines with their shallow and invasive root systems. Both are also weak woods and break pretty easily under the weight of snow and ice.

Bradford Pear: This suburban favorite is another weak wood tree that snaps easily in wind, snow and ice. And the blossoms are pretty but pretty stinky as well.

Empress Tree: People buy this tree because it's fast growing. But Snyder says that's one of the problems. It drops seeds which quickly spring up as new trees. Pretty soon, the trees' big leaves block out the sun and kill out the natural vegetation. Connecticut has banned the tree.

Two others you might think twice about are the Leyland Cypress and the Black Walnut. Find out why here.


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