A Tech Guru's Secret: Square Trade

12:21 PM, May 29, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- From smart phones to mp3 players to gaming systems. What do you do when they break? Do you do without or pay full price for something new?

Tech expert Kent Meeker has an in-between. He insures his electronics with Square Trade.

"Instead of buying manufactures (or retail stores) extended warranties, I always go with square trade. No one wants the hassle of dealing with warranty issues with big companies. Square Trade is your one stop shop."

Kent says he used square trade for 12 ipads.  Due to 'fair wear and tear', I've had 3 replaced by them and 2 that were physically damaged.

During the interview we took a look at what Square Trade covers. Everything from TV's, phones, laptops, gaming systems and even appliances!  We plugged in a few items to show the estimates of prices. From new phones to the Nintendo DS your kid can't live without.

A couple of things to note: You must purchase the insurance within 30 days of buying the electronic device. Also, the shipping for repair is FREE and is guaranteed within 2 weeks or your insurance fee is free too!

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