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Man Wanted For Paving Scheme With Triad Victims

5:15 PM, May 28, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- The Paving Scheme is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But it gets people.

Olivia was working in her yard one day in late April when a man in a truck stopped by her Kernersville home. He said he had been paving a neighbors driveway and had enough left over to do hers if she wanted it done for cheap right now.  

"At first I thought, this is a miracle from God and we had thought we were going to pave the driveway and this guy fell into my lap."

Olivia's miracle of a paved driveway, on the spot, turned into a nightmare within days. She has video to prove it. The $1500 driveway was literally crumbling under her.

"Fifteen hundred dollars for the driveway, $2900 for the new drive way, altogether he wiped my savings out. He's got everything I got,  he took everything from me."

The 'He' is Jimmy Stevens. The North Carolina Attorney General's office says he operates companies of many names: Orange Paving, Ace Paving, Power Black Top Paving and Big Time Paving. already four people have filed complaints.

But News 2 researched Jimmy or Jim Stevens. He is wanted in Florida on 142 charges related to paving schemes done this winter.

"I got on the internet, " says Olivia, "I googled it, I never heard of the driveway paving scam before. I saw the picture and said, 'that's the guy that got me for this'."

Olivia filed a complaint with the NC AG's office on Big Time Paving. She knows how the scheme works now and knowing how the scheme works is the best way to protect yourself.

"You can call the BBB and us at the NC AG's office  and give us the name and we can say we don't have a complaint because they change their names so much. So it's really the technique being used of claiming they have extra asphalt and they are going to give you a good deal."

Olivia is thankful for Triple A  paving who took care of the mess. But she won't soon forget Big Time Paving and Jim Stevens. 

"It makes me sad that there are people who are out are who take advantage of people."

The NC AG's office plans to meet Stevens in court June 3rd. They are seeking a permanent ban against Stevens' driveway work, civil penalties and refunds for consumers.

The AG's office says they have complaints from victims in Creedmoor, Kernersville and Raleigh and have heard from other victims in Thomasville. The people have lost between !1250 and $7000.


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