Streamlined Car Tag & Tax Could Have You Paying Twice

5:27 PM, May 27, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When is a year not a year? The answer is when the DMV is counting the days.

You see, this calendar year you may pay your car registration renewal and your vehicle property tax twice.

Lawmakers voted to streamline the payment collection process. From now on your tax and renewal is due at the same time. It used to be they were four months apart.

So, let's say you paid your renewal in September 2012, your taxes were due in January 2013. This year, due to the changes, you will pay the renewal and the taxes in September 2013.

While you're paying twice in a calendar year, the DMV makes the point you won't pay in the same tax year. And you're actually paying for coverage until 2014. This will only happen once.

And if you are not one of the thousands caught in this twice a year payment, it is a wallop to the budget when you see both due at the same time when you're not used to seeing the two together.

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