Physical Tweaks & Changes To Help You Get The Job

7:55 PM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- How good you look on paper, as in your resume, is one thing that can set you apart.

How you look in person can also help or hurt the job hunting process. 2 Wants To Know took the newscast to Leon's Beauty School to show you how you can make those tweaks and changes.

We showed what changes both men and women can make. Often just a few minor changes can update your look so you can compete with younger job hunters.

Wanda, the job candidate we have been profiling this week, had her hair straightened cut into a textured bob. They also did some basic makeup for her and waxed her eyebrows to clean up her look.

David is not a job seeker, but allowed us to use his beard changes to show what can be done for a man. Temporary color put on his beard to cover the gray.

Job seekers may not have a lot of extra money to go to a salon. Try a beauty school instead. The students are supervised and are learning their trade. The appointment may last a bit longer than at a salon, but the cost savings can be worth it.

Sometimes updating your wardrobe can boost your confidence and appearance as well.  Glynis Bell, Executive Director of Dress for Success of Winston-Salem helped Wanda with a new outfit. She put her in a classic suit, with a pink blouse, to add a pop of color. Bell offered a few tips for women and men when they go for a job interview.

She said women should Wear a suit (either pant or skirt), or a jacket/blazer and blouse. You should make sure your appearance is clean, and neat. When in doubt, Bell said a person should air on the side of being conservative. Bell also said "basic" doesn't mean boring! Black, blue and grey can be the anchor of your outfit, but you can add a pop of color. Just make sure your accessories are not distracting, noisy or too big.  

While Dress for Success doesn't work with men, Bell still offered tips for men should remember when they go on an interview. Bell said they should wear a suit or a blazer with a collared shirt and tie and should always tuck in their shirt and wear a belt. Bell said they should not wear athletic wear or boots, head gear or large jewelry. 
A couple of notes for both genders. Any interviewee will want to cover up tattoos and make sure that any extra piercings are removed. Before you walk out of the house, take a moment to give yourself the once over in a full length mirror!  Make sure the outfit is pressed and that you feel comfortable in what you're wearing.

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