Neese's Sausage, Miss Jenny's Pickles And Spring Air Mattress Partner With News 2 To 'Add A Job'

5:44 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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  • Miss Jenny's Pickles

Kernersville, NC -- As the 2 Wants To Know team was talking about jobs in our area, the conversation always got back to, "How can we add jobs?"

We ask a lot of questions. We thought, why not ask businesses if they would join with us and Add A Job. The idea got legs when three businesses signed on!

Neese's Sausage, Miss Jenny's Pickles and Spring Air Mattress.

We brought the businesses together along with Sam Funchess from the Nussbaum Center, a small business incubator.

John Grove from Spring Air Mattress coulnd't be with us. Jenny Fulton and Ashlee Furr  with Miss Jenny's Pickles joines us along with Tommy Neese with Neese's Sausage.

Sam would tell you, one job may not sound like a lot on it's own. But when others join in, it can have a big impact on our community.

Adding a job  may sound simple, but to these business owners a lot is involved: salary, health care, insurance. For Miss Jenny's Pickles it's especially involved because they only have 6 employees. We asked how they will you make it work?

So, it's a start. Three jobs. Do you have a business that could partner with News 2 to Add A Job? We'll tell the story of how you are impacting the local economy and putting people back to work. Email us at

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