How To Track A Lost Smartphone & Restore The Info

3:38 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- UGH. Losing your phone doesn't just hit you in the wallet, it is a time sucker. Restoring all the information and apps manually can bring on a high level of frustration.

2 Wants To Know how to track your phone and the easiest way to restore all your information. Tim Fidler, part of the Geek Squad at Best Buy took us through options for the iPhone, Android and any smartphone.


A cool feature is that iPhone has a tracker right on the phone. You can find it in your settings, got to iCloud and scroll down until you see Find My iPhone. You'll want to turn it on and set up your iCloud account. You will then need to decide what you want backed up by the iCloud so if you did indeed lose your phone, you wouldn't lose your info.

Contacts are probably one of the most common to backup. As are pictures. Remember if you back up something on iCloud, there is always some risk of someone being able to access your info.

Fidler says you want to be careful and not put everything on the iCloud because there is a certain amount of storage space. So, if you want your music backed up in case you lost yoru phone and would want to get all the music on your new phone, you'll want to use your apple ID to save all your itunes music and re-sync all your music to your new phone.

Same goes for your apps. This way, you don't have to add all the apps and music to your phone manually.  with your computer at home.


To track your missing phone you will need to buy an app. There is no in-phone setting. You will  sync your contacts through your gmail account. All should be saved there. When it comes to apps, you will be able to access what apps you had through Playstore.

Music is saved on google play. You will sync up your new phone and use gmail, Playstore and googleplay to restore all your info in a matter of minutes.


It's called the "Tech Checker". It is free if you buy the phone from Best Buy. If not, you can buy the app with a 1 to 2 year subscription.

The "Tech Checker" app will also help you find a lost phone, remotely lock it and will test functions on the phone.

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