2 Wants To Know Uncovers Which Direct Sales Company Pays The Most On Average

1:58 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Vitamins, make-up, Tupperware - what do these things have in common? They could all make you money.

More than 60 million people use direct sales for a little extra cash, but how much do those business owners really take home? Is it enough to make a living?

According to the Direct Sales Aid association the average seller earns $1,974 a year - that's enough to buy some 70 inch TVs. But we've found earnings are much higher or lower depending on which company you work with.

2 Wants to Know polled the top 10 direct sales companies in the country and discovered the range went from about $1,400 into five digits surpassing $10,000.

To be transparent - and up front - there are some companies who didn't want to reveal this information to us. Tupperware, Mary Kay and Avon for example all declined to release how much an average sales person makes.

However, several companies proudly told us how much the average starting sales person makes annually:

Nu skin - $1,416.16

Amway - $2,424

USANA Health Sciences - $3,100

Primerica Financial Services - $5,544

The Pampered Chef - $10,200 (but that's only the average for someone who has two shows per week)

One more thing to think about. For some direct sellers it's less about earning money and more about saving money. Herbalife, for example, says 73 percent of people work for the wholesale prices.

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