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5:51 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We know the unemployment numbers. And we know the unemployment numbers don't even include the people who gave up on the job hunt and the people who are underemployed.

So, we asked ourselves, "What can we do"? The answer was simple and complicated. Add jobs. No, we can't get a company to add 500 jobs. But maybe, we could get someone to ADD A JOB.

That got us looking at small businesses in our area. Small businesses (with 10 or less employees) make up about 129,000 firms in our state. So if even a quarter of them hired someone, that would be a lot of jobs!

2 Wants To Know started asking the business owners in our area. So far, three have signed on to ADD A JOB. It's three jobs, but it's a start. And it's better than doing nothing.

Are you a small business owner? Partner with us and ADD A JOB. Email us

We happened to catch up with Senator Kay Hagan the day we launched this ADD A JOB campaign. She was in town for another job related announcement and recently created a Small Business Advisory Council to help her get ideas about policy and help for small businesses.  Hagan says, "I think it is the way to create jobs. Small business is the economic engine. About 98 percent of the jobs in North Carolina are related to small business. So it is a multiple effect and that's where job growth really is."

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