Sleep Over Success: Who Is More Ready, Kids Or Parents

5:39 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- School is out and summer is almost here. That means it's sleep over time!

Eleanor-Scott Davis, Associate Editor of Piedmont Parent Magazine,says the invites for sleep overs begin when kids are 5 and 6 years old. An invite doesn't mean your child is ready to sleep away from home, or the you are ready for your child to sleep away from home!

Eleanor-Scott advises a "try out" sleeep over. Let the child go over, watch a movie, play games, get into PJ's and then when it's time for bed, pick them up. Talk about the experience.

Talking to the parent you're leaving your young child with is a given. But as your child gets older, Eleanor-Scott says the communication needs to continue with specific questions of who will be at home and when and what kinds of activities or other friends are invited.  

Eleanor-Scott says the hardest part she has encountered is when the child calls in the middle of the night wanting to come home. She says first, try and talk your child down from their anxiety. While it's hard on both sides, don't give in right away. See if your reassuring can calm them.

How about parents? Your child wants a sleep over and you're not sure what to do with all those kids? Eleanor-Scott says get them out of house or up and playing. That will help tire them out for later. Also, she says a great activity is to get them involved with dinner. A make your own pizza night is hands on  and satisfies picky eaters.

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