2 Wants To Know: Are "Eggies" What The Ads Crack Them Up To Be?

12:30 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Executive Chef Kevin Reddick spends a lot of time shucking shells. His chorizo deviled eggs at Artisan restaurant in Winston-Salem are one of the hottest items on the menu, which is why we chose him to put "Eggies" to the 2 Test. 

The product claims to hard boil eggs without the shell - simply crack, boil and twist.

"You have to coat them with oil or cooking spray every time," Kevin reads from the instructions.

He begins rubbing down each Eggie with an oily towel first.

"That seems kina labor intensive for something that's supposed to be easy," Kevin said.

After that, getting a large egg into the plastic hole isn't the easiest. We had a couple spill over the side.

Now it's time to cook. We set up a side by side comparison with the traditional way to hard boil next to the Eggies.

"It looks like we've got egg coming out of the plastic. That's what this foam is right here. That's egg. It's not leak proof," Kevin said.

You can see goo in the Eggies pot, but not the old school way.

A few minutes later, it's time to take the traditional method off - according to the directions, though, Eggies still have seven minutes more to go. By the time the Eggies are done cooking, Kevin's assistant has already peeled the traditionally cooked ones and started making the filling.

Thud, thud, thud can be heard as Kevin tries to get the eggs out of their plastic containers.

"It's turning out to be kinda messy." He said.

When they're done, the product's flat bottom does make them stand up and out, but it's the odd texture Kevin isn't sure about.

"I don't think we could serve this," he said. "It just doesn't look professional."

After having a crack at the Eggies, Kevin says - never again. 

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