Tax Refund Check Scheme Unravels

5:46 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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Part of keeping our identity safe is being responsible with our information and being aware of what's happening around us.

Case in point, a Consumer Alert story about what seemed like mis-delivered mail. You could forget about it and shrug it off.

"This came to my house, I had no idea who it was for and wrote return to sender right here and took it to the post office. I thought it was strange, because it came in September."

The man in this story doesn't want to show his face since he helped uncover this scheme. 

An undercover agent says it starts with the theft of social security numbers from residents of Puerto Rico and ends with major theft from the US Treasury. "Puerto Ricans generally do not file federal income tax returns, but they are issued social security numbers, so the fraudsters will steal the SS numbers, dates of births and bring them up here to the United States to file federal income tax return checks." 

The conmen have the refund checks sent to addresses of somone they know or easily accessible mailboxes. This scheme cost the US $6.2 billion last year alone.

Inspectors say you are the best line of defense!





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