Drinks Spilled On Your Food: Inside Restaurant Report Card

10:10 AM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- 2 Wants To Know is taking you behind the scenes of the Restaurant Report Card inspections.

Guilford Technical Community College Culinary Instructor Keith Gardner will be showing you why restaurants lose points and the no-no's of food prep and cooking.

One of the most common mistakes is workers drinking out of an open container. They hit the drink and their drink (and their backwash) spills into the food contaminating everything. Yuck.

Gardner says while most people think they are safe if they use a bottle, they are contaminating the area as well. "Think abou it," he says, "If I'm using this and i drink out of it and I get saliva on the rim and i put the lid back on and I go to prep my food and I don't wash my hands, then everything I touch from then on has saliva on it."

He says inspectors look for drinks that have a lid and a straw.

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