2 Wants To Know Puts Fire Safes In A House Fire

1:43 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. -- If you've ever lost your wallet or had your purse stolen, you know the headache of trying to replace all the cards, your license and other important documentation.

Now multiply that headache and the time if all the documents you have at home were gone! Products like the Sentry Safe Fire Safe ($29.97) and the First Alert Fire Safe ($19.98) claim to be fire and waterproof.

Are they worth your money? How about your peace of mind?
2 Wants To Know tested them both.

To do so, we needed a real house fire. The Pleasant Garden Fire Department was burning a house down as a training exercise and agreed to put the safes inside.

2WTK filled the safes with pictures, CDs and documents. The directions for the First Alert safe recommended an added protection of  putting the items in an air tight container as well, so we did.  

The safes were brought in and put on top of pallets and hay. The origin of the house fire. They were locked up and then the camera inside the house catches the fire fighters igniting the hay. 

As the minutes ticked by, the flames ate up the house. The smoke spread so thick the camera we positioned on the inside was blacked out.

The firefighter who found the first safe said, "It's like opening an oyster!"

From the looks of  the charring on the outside, we didn't have high hopes for what was inside. But when it was opened, even the firefighters gave the safe a round of applause. Nothing was charred. Or wet. 

And what about safe number 2? 

Yes, you have to pry this one open, too. Everything inside was fine, but the photos were warm to the touch.

Both safes survived and protected the items inside. Granted, we didn't wait until the house burned down, but we did put these safes right on top of hay and wood pallets right at the origin of the fire.

So they were tested. And from the looks of it, they pass the "2 Test."

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