2 Test: Rub-A-Way Stainless Steel Soap

5:35 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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Miss Jenny's Pickles

Kernersville, NC -- 2WTK viewers voted to put the Rub-A-Way stainless steel "soap" bar to the 2 Test.

The @PickleLadies, Jenny Fulton and Ashlee Furr of Miss Jenny's Pickles helped us test the product. The Rub-A Way is $8.99.

We asked them to head back to the kitchen where their business started-- Jenny's home kitchen! The two chopped onions and then rubbed the "soap" bar.  If only this was smell-o-vision! The onion smell was gone!

Then they tried garlic. The packaging of the "Rub-A-Way" says it's perfect for both onions and garlic. After the garlic chopping was done, both ladies' hands were sticky. The bar became sticky too. And the garlic smell wasn't completely gone.

A Chef  told us you can get the same results by rubbing your hands on a spoon. Both ladies went through the same chopping series and used the spoon. Again, the onion smell was gone, but the garlic smell still remained.

Both ladies said the spoon, while cheaper than the Rub-A-Way was harder to get a good grip on. It was easier to use the stainless steel bar.

Ashlee and Jenny both said they would buy the bar, and use a spoon in a pinch.

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