Food Fight! We Put The NeverWet To The 2 Test

5:26 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- What happens when you combine ketchup, mustard, soda, chocolate syrup and Eric Chilton's twins?

2WTK found out! The "NeverWet" claims to repel water, mud and ice and many other liquids from sticking to surfaces. We're talking everything from clothes, shoes, metal, concrete, wood and more.

Before we armed Eric's twins, Alex and Bryce, with all kinds of sticky artillery, we followed the directions and sprayed the shirts with the base coat and let it dry for 30 minutes.

Then we sprayed several coats of the "NeverWet" Top Coat and allowed it to dry overnight, although the directions say you can use it within 30 minutes.

The product is clear. You really can't see it on the white t-shirts we sprayed it on, but you can feel it. It makes the fabric rough and a little heavy. When you touch it, it almost feels as if the product residue comes off in your hands.

Once the shirts were on the boys, we let them soak each other with soda, squirt mustard and drip chocolate sauce.

The twins thought they were going to get messy. But instead, the cola seemed to leap from their shirts! "I feel like I have a Captain America shield!"

It was like a science experiment. Everything they squirted, simply rolled off the shirt. Both boys and dad gave it a thumbs up. And then the boys chased after dad....

You can get "NeverWet" from Rust-Oleum at Home Depot for right under $20.

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