Hate Cleaning? We Put The Magic Mitt To The 2 Test

12:16 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- At Mary's Antiques on South Elm - the place is crammed with collectables and chotchkies - which means a lot of dust.

"As you get through with cleaning, it starts back over again," worker Joyce McNeil said.

So 2 Wants To Know thought McNeil would be perfect to help us try the 3- n-1 Magic Mitt . It promises on the package "clean smarter, not harder" -- "effortlessly dusting", "polishing to perfection" some metals and "easily producing a streak-free shine on glass."

Following the directions, we try polishing old chrome. McNeil says it takes a lot of elbow grease since you don't use any other cleaning products with it. And still -- "I do not see difference in it," she said.

Polished to perfection? "No, not by any means," McNeil said.

We switch to glass, and easily wiping clean some old windows.

"Yes I love this for the glass. Look how clean!" McNeil said. "It took a lot of the dirt out."        

McNeil thinks the Magic Mitt would save her money too. It's about $3-- a lot cheaper than all the paper towels and cleaning spray she currently uses.

She also loves the mitt's dusting side. "It is a huge difference, and it's shining it too," McNeil said. "If you're buying it for chrome, I would not recommend it. But for the glass and wood. I think it's a perfect deal."

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