2 Wants To Know Puts Unique Grill Cleaner To The 2 Test

5:30 PM, May 30, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We have an update of sorts for you on a story we first brought you last week. 

Barbee Brown and her family had eaten some chicken from the grill and she felt something wasn't right. After a couple days of pain, doctors discovered she swallowed the wire bristle from a grill brush!
It took two surgeries to get it out. The doctor said it was about ¾ of an inch long, and about the diameter of a hair, but rigid metal.

Doctor David Shoemaker said Brown was his second patient with a lodged bristle in a week and the fourth in two years. Even the Centers for Disease Control is warning about the grill brush bristles.

After seeing the story, 2 Wants to Know viewer Ramon Bell sent us an email. He said a nurse assistant at his rest home cleans their personal grill with an onion instead of a brush! She told him the onion cleans the burnt residue from the grill and gives the food flavor. 

So 2 Wants to Know wanted to try it out and put it to our own 2 test! Ramon's email said they cut an onion in half, stick a fork in it, and then start rubbing the grill. So we bought two onions, one white, one red, and did the exact same thing.


Remember, if you have a theory you want us to test out or a product you'd like us to put to the 2 test, share it with 2 Wants to Know! You can email us at 2wtk@wfmy.com or tweet us using the #2WTK.

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