2 Test: Spiders, Rodents, Roaches - Will Riddex Repel Them?

5:07 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Sometimes it feels like we all run a rat race to put money in our wallets, so 2 Wants To Know wondered if it's worth it to spend some of that cash on Riddex Pest Repelling Aid. Riddex boasts it can protect an entire level of your house - just by plugging in a device which sends out a digital pulse to scare away rodents, roaches, ants and spiders.

2 Wants To Know enlisted Ryan Frenia of Friendly Pets in Greensboro to help - along with some furry - umm - not quite friends. Right away the directions suggest more than simply plugging in the device. Other instructions include don't leave food out and keep your doors closed as much as possible.

"I'd say if you stick to the initial suggestions anyways, you'd probably be free of rodents without the device," Frenia said.

Before we turn it on, the rats seems to be extremely curious about the white box, climbing on it even. Once it's plugged in that doesn't change much. They walk away at first but eventually end up wondering back up to it.

"It's just another object in the playroom," Frenia said.

Time to try the tarantula! This little lady sashsheys straight across the testing floor as soon as the device comes on.

"Definitely better results than the rats. She has been moving away from it the entire time,"

Admittedly this test isn't the most scientifically accurate - it's not even done in an actual house. But 2 Wants To Know found plenty of online reviews from people who used the product at home. Some said it didn't make a difference, While other claim it's great.

Frenia, though, is not so sure.

"Personally I probably wouldn't use this type of a product. Then again i don't care about creepy crawlies as much as other people do," he said.

The company who makes Riddex has not yet responded to our request for comment.

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