Focus On What You Can Do To Contribute To Your Company

7:37 AM, Apr 21, 2012   |    comments
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Undated -- Stress less about your co-workers and focus on yourself and how you can progress in your job.

Career consultant Joyce Richman shared this advice on the Good Morning Show, "Check your assumptions if you insist on telling yourself that you co-workers have it in for you, and that's why they're progressing and you're not. Rather than focusing on them, and you can't control their behavior, right?"

Richman continues on to say, "Focus on what you can do to progress. In other words, what do you do to put points on the board, how do you need to advance the fortunes of this company, how can you increase revenues? How can you protect the bottom line? How can you delegate more effectively? How can you follow through more effectively? How can you do things in timely ways so that people say this person is accountable, this person is responsible, this is our go to person, what can you choose to do differently, and do better so you progress."

You can read Joyce's latest career advice in Sunday's Triad career section of "The News & Record." 

Joyce Richman

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