NFL Players Suing Bank Over Stolen Money

7:36 PM, Nov 3, 2013   |    comments
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Fort Myers, FL -- Southwest Florida native and football star Javon Kearse, along with 15 other NFL players, are suing a Florida-based bank for more than 50-million dollars.

The lawsuit alleges that a financial adviser was allowed to open accounts using documents with forged signatures and the bank did nothing to stop him.

Attorney Andrew Kagan says unauthorized accounts opened by pro sports financial adviser Jeffery Rubin cost 16 former and current NFL players about 53 million dollars. 

According to the suit, the bank accounts were opened by Rubin in October 2006, but the signatures were forged.

Kagan says the illegal transactions made by Rubin were allowed by Bank Atlantic, now owned by Branch Banking and Trust, or BB&T.

The victims include Fort Myers native Javon Kearse.

The former Titans and Eagles defensive end played in the NFL for 11 seasons and tops the list at nearly 8 million dollars lost.

Kagan says the players trusted Rubin as a businessman and a friend and says he's just trying to recover the money that is rightfully theirs.


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