Police, Residents Report Success In MLK Neighborhood Crime-Prevention Effort

10:12 AM, Jan 19, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- For decades, a Greensboro community -- riddled by crime and other illicit activities - cried out for help.

Members of the community even went to police and city leaders to do something but there was never enough resources or money.

Finally, last year, things started to change.

According to a captain with the Greensboro Police Department, officers put in close to 3,000 hours in the MLK neighborhood - which comprises of area between E. lee Street and West Florida Street.

Many of those hours were spend building a partnership with residents and listening to their concerns and suggestion.

Robert Caple, the Arlington Neighborhood Association president and Officer Jessica Clack with the Greensboro Police Department joined Faith Abubey on the Good Morning Show to discuss the success of the MLK Neighborhood Initiative.

Click documents to the left of this article for a look at data showing the activity.

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